Splendide 50enni: Giusy e il fumetto personalizzato della sua vita

Beautiful 50-year-olds: Giusy and the personalized comic of her life


Pamela contacts us, together with her niece Camilla. His sister-in-law Giusy, Camilla's mother, turns 50 in a month and a half and I'm looking for an original gift idea to worthily celebrate this birthday with a mega dance party.

Camilla is super prepared and in a short time she writes us (by hand alas) a beautiful story, about the whole life of her mother. Apart from the difficulty of transcribing to a text file, and the necessary cuts to stay within the budget agreed with the clients, we quickly define the script.

You opt for a 32-page mixed media custom comic (comic + photo), in a 20x27 panoramic format, with hard cover; vignettes and grayscale photos.

Since Giusy loves red, we decide to insert a red detail in each vignette and in each photo. We exchange the usual fast text messages and images with whatsapp and complete the work well in advance of the agreed time.

The result is amazing, even according to the customer: the comic book is very elegant, full of funny anecdotes and condenses almost 50 cartoons and as many photos into 32 pages. Pamela and Camilla are thrilled.

And Giusy too, we were told, is so happy with her comic that she always carries it with her (a nice advertisement) ...

Great GIUSY !!

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