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L. contacts us to make a XXX strip. Yes, you got it right! A hard comic. Ilmiofumetto.it creates all kinds of comics and in all styles ... the only limit is your imagination!

And L. had a fantasy! So we made 3 cartoons for him that describe an explicit sex scene (oral to be precise). We cannot publish the images relating to the comic to protect the privacy of the client and not to offend the sensitivity of others.

However we can tell you that L. was totally satisfied with the result!

If you want to give life to your wildest fantasies, ilmiofumetto.it is the answer! Visit our section dedicated to hard / erotic comics . You will find creative proposals for all budgets: from personalized erotic comics in Manara style, to hard 70s comics, to erotic illustrations, etc. Ask us for a free and no obligation quote!

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