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Simona writes to us from the province of Naples. She wants to give her boyfriend a gift and plans to tell their manga-style love story. So he relies on and in particular on the skilled hands of Jacopo, new entry of the team of designers.

Her style, with clear Japanese influences, fits perfectly to Francesca's request, who immediately demonstrates that she appreciates the graphic qualities of this artist.

As always, we start with a character test and once the character design is best defined, the real work begins. In a few days Jacopo makes pencils and inks and thus moves on to the editing phase. The work ends with Simona's final approval.

In a few days Simona will receive her comic-gift at home.

If you are looking for a truly original gift idea, is able to offer you a wide variety of fun, exciting and unique proposals.

We are the only custom comic creation site in Italy that boasts a team of professional and qualified artists to give our customers the opportunity to choose from dozens of different styles .

Visit our section dedicated to gift ideas and find the one that's right for you. The WOW effect is guaranteed! Contact us by filling out the form below and request a no-obligation quote. We will answer you in 2h!

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