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Raffaele from the province of Syracuse owns a service station: FUEL 99. Raffaele contacted Comics 4 Business (comics for businesses) with the precise idea of ​​creating a comic and a coloring character for his company.

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With Comics 4 Business we find solutions to help companies communicate their messages effectively and with FUEL99 we have done just that: the comic is about Leon, a pilot lion who competes in a car race against other animal characters. Leon is a very courageous but also kind and respectful character: in fact during the fateful race he lets an elderly lady cross the road ... how will the grand prix finish for Leon after this unexpected event?

The goal of Raffaele and FUEL99 was not only to leave something to the children (a coloring book) but also to educate the children who are dear to FUEL99 and Raffaele: respect, kindness, loyalty.

There will be other adventures for Leon who will continue to give children important messages: respect for the environment, road safety, the values ​​of friendship and respect for others.

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The task of making this comic was entrusted to the talented Marta, a talented designer who took care of giving life to the story, dividing it into 10 black and white plates.

This comic made Raffaele and his FUEL99 partners extremely satisfied and happy! We hope that your word of mouth will bring us a new customer!

If you too want to make your company, its products and services known to the market, fill out the form and ask us for a quote without obligation. Comics 4 Business is the tailor-made solution to make your business fly!