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A Doodly video for Armando

Armando, from the province of Viterbo, turned to to sponsor a new video consulting service.

With the pandemic, many rules of the game have changed and some professions have had to reinvent themselves. So Armando, a chartered accountant, decided to commission us to create a personalized video that explained the new service in a simple and captivating way: tax and tax consultancy, VAT and company openings, assistance to digital start-ups, consultancy on work in general. .. in short, many areas. A high quality and low cost service. However, in order to explain it well, Armando decided to turn to and precisely to the Comics 4 Business division, a series of products designed for companies of all sizes, able to help them acquire new customers, communicate effectively and with low budgets.

Armando has chosen Video Doodly , to tell his service to the general public: captivating and entertaining, these are animated videos that illustrate the potential of the services and products. Small skits, where characters - in which the viewer can identify with - are grappling with real problems.

The Christmas hand made it possible to create the drawings underlying the Doodly animations. Natale is one of our most perfectionist designers with great technique and talent.
With Armando we studied an approach to Instagram that allows you to divide the video into episodes in order to create a serial attention, providing some more information each time. We have also created different formats that can be adapted to different types of Instagram videos (Reel, IGTV, post) suggesting to Armando the sponsorship of posts to do more lead generation.

If you too want to make your company, its products and services known to the market, fill out the form and ask us for a quote without obligation. Comics 4 Business is the tailor-made solution to make your business fly!