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From the heart of Tuscany, Giorgio, a pharmacist, contacts us. Giorgio is the owner of a well-known pharmacy in his city, the San Martino Pharmacy, a reference point for a series of services that go beyond the classic supply of drugs: medications (with a real infirmary!), Analyzes, aesthetic services and therapeutic treatments . A large and extremely competent team works for Giorgio, always available for all the needs of Pharmacy customers.

Giorgio has seen fit to contact ilmiofumetto.it to give life to an idea that has been running in his head for some time: to create a series of comics that, through a fun and fresh narration, illustrate all the services and advantages offered by the Pharmacy.

And then we start with the number 0: a story of 12 pages which will then be printed in a booklet of square format and bound with a metal stitch. The story will feature a child - Pippo - and his grandfather and will present the medication and first aid service.

In this very first episode the whole team is presented but the real protagonists are Giorgio (who will appear in every story) and the nurse Paola, who presides over the infirmary.

At the pencils our Mattia, Swiss talent, who creates a comic of remarkable quality and bright colors. Giorgio is extremely satisfied with the work done and we are eager to receive the commission for the second job in the comic series dedicated to the San Martino Pharmacy.

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