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Davide, a nice Sicilian businessman, transplanted to Romagna, contacts us this summer because he wants to create a logo for his e-commerce business. He googled the net and landed on our custom comic site. He already had in mind to create a comic-style logo and so he thought it best to ask us to make it.

We thus combined our comics skills with the synthesis skills of advertising graphics and we got to work.

Davide needed to create a logo to be registered at European level and he sent us all the technical specifications (format, size, resolution, etc) required for registration.

After some tests and studies for the development of the logo, we found the right solution for Davide and in a short time we were able to complete the job (yes we had a deadline!).

If you too want to create a logo for your company, create flyers, brochures, presentations that tell your company and advertise it to current and potential customers, in a unique and effective way, with the style of comics, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote without obligation!

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