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Silvano and Romina live and work in Milan, in the world of advertising.

But they have a great passion that they have been cultivating for years: Africa! Yes, Silvano and Romina perpetually suffer from African sickness because their real life is there, in the tall grass of the Savannah to enjoy the sight of lions, giraffes, elephants, leopards.

To travel long distances on ramshackle jeeps among the dusty tracks that cross deserts and prairies, to sleep under the stars, to hunt with the Masai, to play with the little men of tribes lost in the deep heart of black Africa.

Silvano and Romina are among the very rare Italian Safari guides who every year take Italians in love with the black continent for a walk, organizing breathtaking trips, adventurous safaris, exciting excursions for them.

Thanks to their network of knowledge, developed in over 15 years of traveling in Africa, Silvano and Romina can count on trained and professional natives able to offer personalized services for all budgets and to assist their customers for any need and requirement on site. .

Silvano and Romina take care of a website (with a super updated and very well done blog), a constantly updated Facebook page , an Instagram profile full of beautiful photos and they decided to contact ilmiofumetto.it to create a collection of cartoons dedicated to BIG 5, the largest mammals of the Savannah, recounting their most curious features in a playful and captivating way.

From this work an interesting collaboration was born which involves the creation of exclusive comic travel diaries for Exploring Africa customers. Three dedicated offers that will allow those who will live a travel experience in Africa to create a comic book with the most beautiful and unforgettable moments.

Three solutions for all budgets with the professionalism of ilmiofumetto.it designers!

Discover now the offers dedicated to ilmiofumetto.it and Exploring Africa customers!

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