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silver hammer fumetto

Great news! The Beatles' "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" becomes a musical comic!

MSH from Luca Buonaccorsi on Vimeo .

Maxwell's Silver Hammer is a song by The Beatles , featured on the 1969 Abbey Road album as the third track. The song was written and sung by Paul McCartney , although it was signed, as usual, by both John and Paul. John Lennon 's contribution is missing, as he was hospitalized due to a minor road accident that affected him in Scotland .

The song was actually composed as early as 1968, a little late to be included in the White Album .

The protagonist of this piece is Maxwell Edison, a medical student and ruthless serial killer, who carries out various murders with his silver hammer. The first is that of Joan, a girl who was studying pataphysics at home late in the evening and who, invited by Maxwell to go to the cinema, hears a knock on the door as she is getting ready to go out; she finds herself in front of Maxwell who kills her with a hammer on the head. The second is that of one of his professors who, after class, reproaches him for his behavior and forces him to write 50 times: "I don't have to behave like this". As soon as she turns her back to Maxwell, he kills her with the inevitable silver hammer. Following this, Maxwell is then arrested. During the court hearing, while Rose and Valerie, two Maxwell admirers, try in vain to exonerate him, the judge pronounces the verdict that condemns him, but, as soon as he finishes speaking, his head is smashed by Maxwell and his hammer. silver.

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