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Addio Stan Lee, meraviglia delle meraviglie!

Farewell Stan Lee, wonder of wonders!

Stan Lee

I still remember the scent of paper, rough, slightly yellowish, when I removed the comic from the cellophane blister. A mixture of ink and glue. The covers of John Buscema or John Romita jr with Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-men, the Avengers (they were called, in a much less poetic way, the Avengers). A colorful universe of superheroes (and supervillains) who fed childhood dreams and inexorably brought me closer to comics, its evocative and narrative power.

Only an absolute genius could bring all this to life. Little big Stan, American by birth, Romanian Jew by birth, had an immense imagination. Together with Jack Kirby he created the Marvel World that from paper has passed to the big screen to the delight of children of yesterday and today.

Stan Lee changed the post-war American culture, he was the architect of a change of customs and probably of mentality of the entire people with stars and stripes, with heavy influences in the economic and political sphere.

Stan Lee's death is a major blow to cartoonists, fans and the general public in general. Its absence leaves an unbridgeable void. His indelible memory, his immense creative heritage.

Thanks Stan.

PS and Thanks also Marialuisa De Giosa who made this illustration so simple and powerful!

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