New Game - Una storia di u(ma)nità

New Game - A story of one (ma) nity

personalized fairy tale for children

ILMIOFUMETTO.IT promotes a unique and decidedly new initiative. We did it driven by the desire to do something useful and strongly contextualized in the times we are living in. Since the coronavirus changed the world and upset our habits - transforming what until recently was simple and harmless into laboriously complicated and dangerous - we have tried to lend a hand, to make a modest contribution to the community: with the initiative #andratutto bene , with customized fabric masks ... but this time it's different! For the first time, instead of turning your stories into comics, we came up with a modern fairy tale (illustrated of course).


So, after asking the little ones what they thought of the impact that the coronavirus is having on their days, we decided to tell a story that would give a key to reading the emergency closest to them and positive. A toolkit based on optimism and awareness.

"New Game: A story of a (ma) nity" tells of two friends who - due to the quarantine - cannot play together and are waiting impatiently for the moment to see each other again ... but must learn to live together respecting particular precautions and precautions. A fairytale to face "phase two", with a modest educational ambition and with a nod to the world of video games, which our children love and in which they have found comfort in recent weeks. "New Game" is an intelligent, original and funny gift that can be sent remotely in compliance with safety regulations ... the perfect gift for kids between 7 and 13 who consciously enter a “different” world.


The first editorial product of ILMIOFUMETTO.IT saw the light thanks to the volcanic talent of the screenwriter Axel Novelli - former collaborator of ILMIOFUMETTO.IT for some of our clients' stories - and to the fantastic illustrations by Davide Antonazzo, who with Axel forms a formidable duo as part of the common project of the studio "OLTRE-made to imagine".

"New Game: A Story of U (but) Unity" is available in precious paper format, paperback and full color at a price of € 19.99.

To remain faithful to our DNA we have decided to create a digital edition (pdf format) in black and white ... fully customizable: a coloring story (do you know the anti-stress artbooks?) In which it will be possible to customize the names and faces of the two protagonists !! And the price is only € 12.99

If you want to create a personalized fairy tale for children (but also for the older ones) visit our page dedicated to personalized fairy tales and make a truly special gift to the people you love.


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