quanto cosa un fumetto personalizzato


How much do our products cost? It is difficult to say, the price depends on many factors because our works are not easily standardized. Far from it! these are works with a very high rate of customization. Let's take a simple example: caricature.
When a customer asks us for a caricature, before making a quote we need to know if it is one or more subjects, if he wants it in black and white or in color, if he wants it digitally or printed, if he prefers it in cartoon or manga style. , if you prefer a particular background, if you want to insert some writings, if you want to receive it within a week ... in short, several questions whose answers allow us to make a certain and precise quote. If we talk about comics, it becomes even more complicated: how many cartoons, how many characters, if there is a story, if there is a lineup of cartoons or a screenplay, the style, the coloring, the type of printing ... in short, do you understand? The thing is not at all simple ... But it is not even nice to leave the customer in absolute uncertainty about the price of a comic. For this reason we have decided to launch a great novelty that will allow our customers to get an idea of ​​the cost of our services. On each page of the main products in the catalog (only some are excluded because they require ad hoc quotations) you will find a form that - by filling in some fields or choosing some options - will provide you with an (indicative) quote in real time.
Ask us for a quote now and put us to the test! If you have an idea, we make it possible! Read our reviews and you will find out why almost 200 customers gave us 4.9 !!!

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