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From today there is a new reason to turn to ilmiofumetto.it: tattoo designs!

That's right! Many of our designers have gained considerable experience in the field of illustration and so we decided to put this expertise at the service of our customers by creating a new product entirely dedicated to tattoo lovers!

Our artists will be able to create beautiful tattoo designs for you: designs for small tattoos or large tattoos, in any style you want. You can indicate exactly which tattoo design to make or start from a simple idea and ask to conduct a concept study in order to choose between different options.

You can ask to design tattoos for any part of the body: tattoo designs for the arm and forearm, designs for the calf or back, designs for tattoos on the neck. And again, you can have black and white or color tattoo designs.

And finally you can opt for only drawn tattoos or tattoos with writings and drawings. There is no limit to the imagination!

The best tattoo designs ready to print and take to your trusted tattoo artist, only with ilmiofumetto.it.

And it is also one beautiful gift idea !!

Ask for a no-obligation quote now!

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