Fumetti nei non-fumetti

Comics in non-comics

The art of not being bored

We talked about comics as a tool to raise awareness, create new contacts, find new customers and communicate your company, but that's not all!

Comics are not only a great bridge to connect the rest of the world with you, but they can also serve as rails for maintaining attention and engagement with existing contacts, suppliers, and long-time customers.


Think about it, as a company you will have to create a mountain of documents, brochures, price lists, portfolios, why limit yourself to dry copy and anonymous graphics? Why not take advantage of the power of comics here too? It is a unique opportunity to be innovative and interesting, or to confirm yourself as such with people you already trust.

Imagine being greeted by an aseptic cover and a mileage index every time an information notice, product list, or any other document is updated. Now instead imagine an introduction made by your brand characters, exposing the news, and explaining what the document is about. Which of the two invites you more to turn the page?

Sure it's true, people in the industry who need to know about it will read your writings regardless of whether it is pleasant or not, but that doesn't mean we have to make their life more difficult. It's also about giving him a hand, alternating images and text helps to learn the information better, and after you've finished reading it he'll thank you for not giving him yet another brick full of jargon.

But let's change the scenery, with a little luck we will be able to meet our customers and partners in person in the near future and we will start again with presentations and slides in the meeting rooms. If this seems familiar to you, maybe you also have in mind the dull gaze of some listeners who after twenty minutes have lost interest and nervously look at the clock. Here too the comic returns to save the situation! As in the previous case, a more colorful presentation will not only increase the attention rate, but it will stay more impressed, in short, it does a better job. And these are just examples, but think for example of newsletters, imagine making an expected moment of the week for those who receive it, to find out what else interesting it has in store.

Does that mean we have to fill our papers and presentations with comic books? Of course not, if we are still dealing with technical documents it is good to leave the right space for technical things. The comic is incredible, but when it comes to long and detailed exposures it starts to show limits, not everything can go from there. But maybe a comic introduction at the beginning of each chapter can sweeten the pill, or why not, have skits at the bottom of the page to give the reader something more without stealing space for crucial information, school diaries from this point of view. he did… school.

So think about it next time, comics can make everything sweeter.