Ecco perchè i fumetti possono avere un ruolo fondamentale nello sviluppo del tuo business

This is why comics can play a fundamental role in the development of your business

Comics “resonate” with our brains in a way that is so profound and effective than any other media. It seems impossible to believe but not even TV or cinema are so "powerful"! in this sense.

What exactly do we mean by "resonance"? Well, the language of comics speaks to the visual perceptual system of our brain according to a principle known as the "Superior Pictorial Effect".

Sight is our predominant sense. It absorbs 50% of brain resources and although the words that make up a text have some graphic-pictorial value, images are a decidedly superior and more effective means of conveying and impressing information in our brain. This is why we speak of the "Superior Pictorial Effect".


Some studies have shown that after 72 hours from an oral presentation, people are able to remember only 10% of the information communicated, but if images (effective and resonant with speech) are associated with that presentation then the memory jumps to 65% !!

Comics have the extraordinary and unique ability to tie text and images into one medium. Take a look at this example magnificent use of comic language for popularizing purposes to get a clearer idea of ​​what we are saying here.

For this reason, comics are finding very interesting applications in corporate organizations, in the sales & marketing, training, internal and external communication, customer journey & experience fields.


Visual Telling (or Stortytelling) is becoming increasingly popular because today global communication passes through the network, which conveys fast content, through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube. The text is stripped down (now you understand why Twitter doesn't want text over 140 characters?).

The advantages of visual telling by

So, let's get back to us. To your company. Large or small, it needs to create impactful content to convey to your target audience but also to your prospects, the potential customers to be acquired.

What are the advantages of developing these business comic contents with

  • Establishing an emotional and empathic connection with your current and potential customers for greater engagement
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by using a new, disruptive and massively transportable vehicle at a very low cost with exclusive positioning
  • Telling engaging, memorable and convincing stories in a clear, simple and effective way à greater ability to promote and sell your products / services

In short, - ​​through the development of targeted comic narratives - will help you save time and money to achieve your business goals.

effective communication

What are the possible applications of the visual telling of

There are countless fields of application. Let's see some examples (not exhaustive).

Story Mapping

Creating typical problem situations that the customer may find himself in and then offering the solution. Usually the classic empathic approach is followed: customer problem-theoretical solution-practical solution = service / product. We then start from the landscape scenario that assumes different situations and then move on to story telling / storyboarding and finally to the graphic realization.

Change Management

More frequent situations in large companies, major organizational changes are very delicate matters and often difficult to communicate to the company population. So how do you get the right amount of attention, involvement and action from people? Simple… use comics! Comics are like Trojan horses: no one expects a serious message in a comic. They are a great way to "play down" because they are fun and interesting and above all they are certainly read.

Email Marketing

What was the last time you received a comic in your inbox? The answer is "probably never" and it is also the reason why you would open the message and read that comic. Using comics in email marketing is a great way to grab people's attention. Comics allow you to combine text and image, which is a perfect mix to increase the effectiveness of your messages.

lead generation


Let's tell the truth. The emails sent by human resources are often boring, irritating and this is the reason why they are equally often not even read. By using comics, these messages will automatically become more fun and engaging. The creation of the comic by its nature forces us to work on the essence of the message and its effectiveness, stripping it of the meta texts and the most useless and boring parts.

Internal communication

It happens often, think about it. It takes hours to write a circular or an internal note, trying to assemble the right words, to use the most appropriate tone and then, in the end, hardly anyone reads or remembers it. The advantage of using comic language here is obvious. There is no need to ponder hours and hours on words, tone, punctuation, spacing… 8 seconds of comic reading are enough to hit the mark and make a compelling and comprehensive corporate communication!

As you can see, these are just some examples of what can do for you.

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