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3 motivi per utilizzare il fumetto come strumento di marketing

3 reasons to use comics as a marketing tool

Simple principles of storytelling to stand out in communication

Without a marketing strategy, an attractive product alone is not enough to ensure a company's success. The world is full of competitors who can replicate your product or provide a better, cheaper alternative, or just tell it better.

This is why communication, now more than ever, is an increasingly intrinsic aspect of the way of doing business, regardless of the size of a company. On the contrary, it is often small companies that demonstrate how a good storytelling strategy can make a difference in the promotional return on investment.

But if everyone is marketing effectively, and more and more companies are using storytelling to target their audience, what can still be done to differentiate themselves from the competition?

Use the comic!

comic storytelling

When used intelligently, comics can be an extremely effective tool. Combining images with text makes any concept much clearer and the effect is multiplied when accompanied by a compelling story and characters that the audience can relate to.

Telling through images increases the clarity of the message, making it more engaging and memorable. Furthermore, comics have the extraordinary ability to make even the most serious or complex themes light and fun, without trivializing them but, enhancing the most important aspects.

So here are 3 reasons why using comics for your communication strategy can make you stand out:

1 - It's immediate

The language of comics is based on an extremely complex code, but so accepted and universally shared that it becomes perfect for any need.

Any concept, explained in words, does not have the same immediacy and effectiveness as an image. On the other hand, however, it is often necessary to write interesting and highly explanatory copy. The comic is the perfect solution to combine both needs within a single content, which can then be shared in a versatile way on all its digital platforms, distributed at trade fairs and conferences and adapt to any type of format.

2 - It's fun

Often, conveying complex or highly institutional concepts without being pedantic or alienating the public can be very difficult. Many companies still have great difficulty in communicating to their employees in the correct way, with poor results in terms of sharing their mission and vision values.

Thanks to comics, communication can be immediately more fun and essential, directly touching the emotions of the public, who at that point can feel closer to the institution because in a more human and less detached light.

Furthermore, the level of concentration required of the user to read a comic is much lower than what is needed to decipher a monotonous and cryptic powerpoint! Unlike complex graphs and data summarized in a few slides, a series of cartoons can garner more consensus and attention, engaging the public less, who can learn the same information with less effort.

3 - It's cheap

In marketing you can have time, money, or in some cases both resources. Regardless of the strategy you decide to adopt, however, communication is always based on the contents. Without the right content, no investment of time or money will ever be justified.

Promotion is expensive and traditional marketing tools, as well as the more modern ones of the digital age, can be difficult to access for those who do not have the time and resources to invest in understanding their use. Consequently, we try to maximize investments to find even just a content that can make a difference in a sea of ​​homogeneous promotional campaigns.

Comics offer incredible value for money and are extremely effective even with small investments. Everything you need in a single format, without having to invest in unique and expensive graphic content or free tools without customization. Comics help you to always set up new and personalized marketing campaigns, combining maximum visual impact with clarity of presentation.

Because it is no longer enough to be clear, but you have to be interesting, fun, and reach your audience quickly through the path of least resistance, which will not only allow us to reach them easily, but above all allows them to follow us, find us and understand each other effortlessly.

This is why we invented Comics 4 Business , a revolutionary and extremely effective method of marketing in the digital age.

comics for companies

Through the application of the best principles of storytelling, C4B helps companies to communicate in a clearer, more memorable and persuasive way both to their employees - improving the climate and engagement - and to the market, generating awareness on the products and services offered and facilitating the acquisition of new customers. Whether it's communicating with your customers or within your organization, comics, trust me, are the perfect tool.

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