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cartoon characters for companies

Michele contacts us, enlightened (it should be said) entrepreneur from the South, owner of a beautiful company that operates in the province of Cosenza. The EEA, this is the name of the company, deals with energy efficiency systems that guarantee concrete savings and produce clean, “0” impact energy. As you know, ilmiofumetto.it also produces comics for businesses and companies: from logos, to business storytelling, from flyers to product / service presentations. Michele turned to us to give life to an EEA character-mascot, who is able to convey the values ​​and mission of his company in an effective and immediate way. The brief we received was rather vague because Michele had very clear ideas about the concept in general but not about the character and his characteristics. So we activated an internal contest among our most talented illustrators in a humorous style, providing some general indications and leaving the designers free to express their creativity to the fullest. The contest ended with the unquestionable judgment of the customer (Michele) who thus decreed the winner and therefore the designer in charge of the project. Marco, from the Chiavari school of comics (with whom we have been collaborating for some time) thus began the work and finalized the character of Ecoman, endowed with superpowers that allow to reduce waste and produce clean energy at low cost. Ecoman will thus become the EEA ambassador to all current and potential customers and its image will appear on brochures, signs and even vans (with a car wrapping application)!

Furthermore, Ecoman will be the protagonist of a series of comics that will deal with different topics, always in the field of clean energy and the fight against waste. There will also be an antagonist! But we don't want to reveal anything else for the moment ... STAY TUNED!

With ilmiofumetto.it your company will have no competitors!

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